"Thayer is a gifted speaker and shares her personal experiences of growing up an heiress of the Georgia-Pacific fortune. Coupling this with her professional knowledge as a counselor, Thayer works with affluent families across the U.S. dealing with many of the challenges of wealth. She is wonderful speaker in front of large audiences as well as intimate smaller forums. She has spoken at a number of different AMA events including the Women's Retreats in 2004 and 2005, and the Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium Event this past February. As a staff member has said, "she is one of the highest-rated speakers (based on our client's comments) that we have had. She knows her stuff!"

"Thank you so much for preparing and presenting your HOT topics in Las Vegas. I heard many favorable comments and hope that your appearance results in many new relationships."

"CTC has had nothing but great feedback on the conference with many positive remarks about your session. It was terrific and it was obvious to all that you took the time to prepare. I hope the experience was pleasurable and that you would consider speaking for CTC again."

"I thought that Thayer's presentation was exceptional; I really appreciated her taking the time to develop, present and share so much potent material."

"We had some really excellent feedback for the conference in general and in particular for your session - described by one delegate as 'you saved the best till last."

"Thank you again for coming to the rescue at the last minute. To be honest, I feel your presentation was the best of the whole program, so I really got lucky that the opening happened the way it did. Your presentation was thoughtful and the practical tools really were important. The audience connected with you and felt, though the other presenters were good, you really made the trip."

"Thayer Willis is an engaging speaker, skilled at helping even those most uncomfortable in groups feel included and relaxed. Her life experience is an important part of her credibility, and her empathy."

"Too many speakers just speak. Thayer actually engaged the entire group so that everyone (really) left with an understanding of how to interact with their clients (donors) in a different and positive way. I think not a few were also pleasantly surprised at what they learned about their own money attitudes: what money means for them in their personal lives, and how this can affect their work."

"Participating in a seminar given by Thayer Willis and reading 'Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth' will dissolve the sense of isolation many people have regarding their wealth. Through real life examples Thayer is able to highlight the shared experience that many of us will relate to and then give us insights and tools that help us move through our own difficulties. The emotional side of wealth is as important and as challenging as managing the money and cash flow. Her guidance and book are important for anyone wishing to balance both sides of wealth."

"Thayer Willis presented 'Making the Best of a Good Situation: A Life Guide for Inheritors' at a luncheon meeting I attended. This talk and her book, 'Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth' reflect the true Christian that she is. She speaks with clarity, can reach the level of her audience, and encourages one to learn more on how to deal with life's problems. If you have an opportunity to listen to her message, you will surely find it to be inspiring."