Thayer Willis is an internationally recognized author and expert in the area of wealth counseling. Since 1990, she has specialized in helping people of all ages handle the psychological challenges of wealth. A member of the founding family of the multibillion-dollar Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Thayer offers an insider's perspective on the privileges and tragedies that wealthy families face on a regular basis.

Willis has an MA from the University of Oregon, an MSW from Portland State University, and is a licensed clinical social worker. She is a very popular speaker, facilitator, and counselor and is famous for her caring, no-nonsense, practical approach to resolving conflict.

Clients have highly rated her interactive approach based on field-tested ideas that clarify understanding, problem-solving, and action-planning.

She helps people create pathways between generations, prioritize parenting tasks, and instill financial responsibility in young family members.

Thousands have attended her presentations. Her audiences have ranged from intimate groups and private family retreats to executives of multinational corporations and financial organizations, including The Capital Trust Company Symposiums, Campden Conferences' The Family Wealth Management Conference, The Families in Business Conference, The European Family Office Conference, and Stanford University. She has been interviewed on ABC's Good Morning America and 20/20. Her programs are tailored to individuals and families of affluence, financial professionals, family office advisors and estate planning attorneys.

Her book, Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth: A Life Guide for Inheritors, has received excellent reviews. Her professional associations are with the Collaboration for Family Flourishing and the National Speakers Association.