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Beyond Gold: True Wealth for Inheritors

Beyond Gold focuses on how individuals can be responsible with the financial wealth in their lives, keep it in perspective, and be free to take on the tough, rewarding task of enhancing relationships. Each chapter addresses a unique type of relationship: with ourselves, parents, siblings, extended family, friends, dating, marriage, children, and different kinds of work relationships. Issues about inheritance are woven into each chapter, and the book addresses specific questions that occur to many inheritors. I am proud to share the following advance praise for Beyond Gold with you:

"Beyond Gold packs a wallop, striking the reader first with the power of personal revelations and then emotional candor. Rarely does any book devote so many pages to action you can actually take today to make difficult situations better! Or, as Thayer Willis says, approaching issues from the bright side."

"Having investigated the intersection of family dynamics and financial planning for the last 15 years, I find Thayer's tome a remarkable synthesis of the state of the art today. Encyclopedic in scope and practical in focus, she puts human relationships front and center in the inheritor's challenge to create a meaningful life. The book is invaluable for the questionnaires, exercises, and quotations alone; not to mention an accessible, relaxed writing style that truly illuminates the bright side of wealth."

"As an advisor to wealthy, multi-generational families, I often find myself looking not only for information and insight on a variety of family dynamics issues, but also for tools to help families work together to make better decisions, discuss common issues, or simply enhance the richness of their family experience. In this book, Thayer uses her skills as a counselor and her own family experiences and delivers practical, real world insights to a whole set of challenging issues. Her stories illuminate everyday situations and solutions, and the tools she shares with her readers will bring both families and advisors back to its pages over and over again."

"Thayer has artfully woven together practical advice and strategies to help build and support healthy relationships in wealthy families as well as among friends. She addresses all the right questions and provides useful guidance for handling tricky situations that come with inherited wealth. These ideas work—I have seen them in action."

"Beyond Gold will be a treasured resource for families of wealth. Thayer artfully combines stories, insightful commentary, thought-provoking questions, and practical action steps to guide the reader through a maze of thorny issues. She knows the territory well, and draws freely from her own experience and that of her clients."

"Thayer, in a veritable tome of best practices, shines a floodlight on how to promote wholeness and healthy change in families. She teaches beyond that which has been revealed before, by integrating family systems theory with what works with families of wealth. Her breadth of knowledge comingles with her practical approach and experience, to show us how to tap a family's inner resources for positive change. Beyond Gold not only provides deep insight and education for those of us helping families, but is a riveting read to the end."

"Thayer gives us a book that speaks to the influence of wealth on the critical relationships in our lives. She brings a magnifying glass to the impact that wealth has on a variety of familial, personal, and professional relationships, while bringing practical exercises and insights on how to transform them. Whether you earned it, inherited or gained it in a settlement or windfall, Thayer's book provides life-changing insights to the influence of wealth on relationships. A must read for those who care deeply about the impact of wealth on relationships and how to make them generative."

"There can be many pitfalls to being wealthy, but whether you are a wealthy person or an advisor to wealthy people, this book provides a life map for finding (and staying on) the bright side of wealth. Thayer Willis has shared exercises and experiences from her own practice in this book which brings her unique and compelling insights to a broader audience. She provides a balanced look at wealth: examining the financial and non financial assets that wealth can bring to a person or family. This is a must read book for anyone who is or will become wealthy, as well as advisors who work with wealthy people or families."

"I appreciate the effective approach Thayer has taken in this book by organizing the chapters by different relationships. In a succinct manner each of the chapters focuses on a specific relationship. She provides many ideas and solutions that are based on factual research and many years of real life experiences. Thayer is providing insights that WILL save or improve the relationships within the affluent and wealthy community."