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Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth

One of modern society's firmest convictions is that money does, indeed, buy happiness - period, end of discussion. It's a global perception, the universal truth that wealth answers all our prayers, cures all our ills, rids all our fears, and allows us to live happily ever after. In her book, Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth: A Life Guide for Inheritors (New Concord Press, 2003), Thayer Cheatham Willis takes this popular assumption to task, casting a revealing light on the sobering reality that financial wealth can, in fact, possibly be detrimental to one's mental, moral, psychological, and emotional well-being.

A trained counselor and an inheritor of wealth herself, she has written her book for those who know firsthand what the god of money demands of its worshipers and have come to the pivotal realization that they must chart a spiritual course through the emotional shoals of riches toward a meaningful, emotionally rewarding life.

As Mark O. Hatfield points out in his foreword to the book, readers "will appreciate more clearly the values of family, friendship, and community that ultimately can be measured in terms of great blessing, which is another kind of wealth. People who are inheritors of wealth will find guidance that will surely point to a more fulfilling life," adds the distinguished former Oregon senator.

Thayer Willis is uniquely qualified to offer counsel, instruction, encouragement and affirmation to the wealthy and nonwealthy alike, and she does it eloquently and compassionately in Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth. Her timely, valuable book is an insider's view of the privileged class, written by a child of wealth who channeled her hard-won triumphs over her own pain, confusion, and dysfunction into a dedicated career as a professional healer specializing in the treatment of psychological problems associated with affluence.

Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth could only have been written by someone who has experienced and broken through the isolation, debilitation, and despair of the intensely private, highly secretive society of the wealthy, which masks its conflict and pain exceedingly well. Her book is an important, valuable guide for inheritors but also an insightful, fascinating, revealing, and privileged read for everyone else as well. Ultimately, it is about life and people. It is about human struggle, achievement, triumph, redemption, and growth.