Thayer's Books


Writing books to address the challenges of wealth gives Thayer the opportunity to reach many more people with the message that they can handle their circumstances well. The biggest twist in this message, which comes as a surprise to some, is that handling the circumstances of being wealthy develops best with a well-applied work ethic.

"Outsiders might assume that having financial wealth automatically puts anyone on 'Easy Street' with abundant happiness," says Thayer, "But there is nothing automatic about it. Happiness is an attitude which requires vigilance, effort and practice."

Thayer's books provide readers with the opportunity -- in private and at their own pace -- to consider and decide how they will handle their "good fortune." Each book is full of inspiration and answers.

Beyond Gold: True Wealth for Inheritors

Beyond Gold focuses on how individuals can be responsible with the financial wealth in their lives, keep it in perspective, and be free to take on the tough, rewarding task of enhancing relationships. Each chapter addresses a unique type of relationship: with ourselves, parents, siblings, extended family, friends, dating, marriage, children, and different kinds of work relationships. Issues about inheritance are woven into each chapter, and the book addresses specific questions that occur to many inheritors.

Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth

One of modern society's firmest convictions is that money does, indeed, buy happiness - period, end of discussion. It's a global perception, the universal truth that wealth answers all our prayers, cures all our ills, rids all our fears, and allows us to live happily ever after. In her book, Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth: A Life Guide for Inheritors, Thayer takes this popular assumption to task, casting a revealing light on the sobering reality that financial wealth can, in fact, possibly be detrimental to one's mental, moral, psychological, and emotional well-being.