These articles cover a wide range of topics. This list is a mix of pieces I have written and ones written by others. As you will see they have appeared in a myriad of publications. Some are written by leading writers in the financial services industry, such as Mary Rowland, Jim Grote and many others. Please scroll through to find topics which address your concerns.

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5 Ways Your Parents’ Success Hurts You —Michelle Smith
"If you were born into a wealthy family, you likely have struggled to find motivation to properly manage your finances, pinch pennies and work hard to move up the corporate ladder, according to Thayer Willis, a psychotherapist and author of “Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth.” But even having upper-middle class parents can make life harder for you. Here are five ways a parent’s success can hinder their children."

Financial Advisor

Advice For The Gilded Cage —Mary Rowland
"In January, The Wall Street Journal carried an article with the headline, 'Can You Trust Your Kid With $5.25 Million?' The article went on to discuss the generous new estate tax laws. Seems that under these rules, taxpayers can shelter $5.25 million ($10.5 million if they are couples) by either gifting or leaving that money to a child by way of a trust."

Forbes Online

Why Family Wealth Is A Curse —Thayer Willis
"The Forbes 2013 World Billionaires List goes live next week and that will have many folks living vicariously. If you're one of them, you may find yourself wishing that you were a billionaire, a multimillionaire or just rich enough to not worry about what things cost."

Why Family Wealth Is A Blessing —Thayer Willis
"When I have written about how family wealth is a curse, as I did here, some people accuse me of being a 'poor little rich girl.' Of course I realize that family wealth is a blessing, but for reasons that would surprise the supposed know-it-alls."

Planned Giving Today

Pre-philanthropy Eases Inheritors' Anxiety —Jim Grote
"Few people have contributed more to this new family-centered approach than Thayer Willis, LCSW an heir to the Georgia-Pacific Corporation family fortune and a licensed therapist in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. She specializes in helping inheritors take charge of their lives and their fortunes."

Fox Business

How to Avoid a Family Feud Over Inheritance —Sheryl Nance-Nash
"While you may not be able to treat them equally, treat them fairly. Each heir is different and will have different needs and financial abilities,"


Why the Ultra-Wealthy Fear You —Jim Grote
"On the lecture circuit, Willis often asks groups of advisors, 'How many of you think your clients are afraid of you?' She generally sees just a few hands go into the air..."

Men's Wealth

Actually, Money Can Buy Hapiness —Mark Millhone
"Ignore the clichés. Free your mind and the cash will follow."

Journal of Practical Estate Planning

Defining Freedom Beyond Wealth —Thayer Willis
"Thayer Willis discusses the qualities and attitudes leading to a meaningful life and how inheritors of wealth may pursue these qualities."

Money and Meaning —Thayer Willis
Raising Financially Responsible Families

Money and Meaning —Thayer Willis
Essential Family Communication Skills

5 Ways to Prepare Your Heir to Inherit Your Estate —Marie Hoffmann
"You have developed all of your estate plan documents — your will, trust, letter to heirs, living will, and etc. So now you are all set, right? Probably wrong..."

Time Magazine

No Free Rides, Kid —Ling Woo Liu
"Outsiders think, 'If I just had financial wealth, life would be so easy and I would be happy,'" says Willis, who now counsels wealthy families. "But none of us is given a meaningful life. We're meant to build a meaningful life."

Worth Magazine

Family Matters Column

Opposites Attract —Thayer Willis
"Ignore the skeptics. Marrying outside of your social class is no big deal."

Too Much Is Never Enough —Thayer Willis
"Can wealthy individuals resist the temptations that lead to excess?"

Priceless Challenges —Thayer Willis
"Spoiling your children robs them of the opportunity to learn through struggle."

The Green-Eyed Monster —Thayer Willis
"Envy destroys relationships and corrodes self-respect. Unfortunately, it also frequently targets the wealthy."

Blind Distrust —Thayer Willis
"Money paranoia can rob you of the ability to enjoy your friends, family and wealth."

Worth Magazine Articles

Mixed Blessings —Thayer Willis
"What begins as well-intended standard-setting about family styles and rituals can become a prison for all but the standard-bearer."

The New Generation Gap —Paul E. White and Thayer Willis
"Healthy relationships with adult children reared in affluence require trust, insight-and patience."

Chicago Business Journal

Healing future Paris Hiltons —Sarah A. Klein
"She helps heirs deal with the dark side of growing up rich."

Wealth Manager

Fighting the Blue Blood Blues —Ellen Uzelac
"Thayer Willis finds that inheriting a fortune doesn't pave the way to money smarts or a meaningful life."

Bloomberg Press

The Truth About Fees —Mary Rowland
"What's the price of telling the wealthy what they want to know?"

Easy Come Tough Going —Mary Rowland
"For those who inherit their wealth, life's material pleasures are there for the taking, but happiness may have to be earned the hard way."

Converse Bulletin

Is the Grass Really Greener —Eric Lawson
"Everyone knows about the privileges and opportunities, but financial wealth can be detrimental to all aspects of one's mental, moral, psychological,and emotional well-being."

The Business Journal - Portland Oregon

'Dark Side' of wealth explored by local author —Robert Goldfield
"When times get tough... sometimes an inheritor will bail rather than stick it out."

The Gathering

The Good gift of Inheritance —
"My goal is to help people find a way to live out their inheritance well."