Private Practice Services

Areas of Specialty

Inherited wealth

The handing down of family wealth is not only a complex financial issue, but often a challenging personal one for both heir and benefactor. Wealth counseling equips adult heirs to cope with sensitive aspects of their inheritance, and assist benefactors in preparing themselves and their families for this transition.

Earned wealth

Earned wealth is most often the result of years spent working toward a goal. Once achieved, many people find that the goal does not deliver all that was expected, and instead brings a new set of challenges. Through examining priorities and aligning expectations with reality, these individuals can free themselves to enjoy what they have worked so hard to obtain.

Addictive overspending

Habitual overspending is a problem that cuts across all socio-economic boundaries. While it appears to be a financial problem, it is most often symptomatic of underlying personal conflicts. Counseling focuses on identifying and resolving the psychological causes behind excessive spending.

Family friction over money

Whether between spouses, siblings, or across generations, money often becomes an arena for family discord. In counseling, family members explore their differing attitudes about wealth. They also explore other psychological issues that are affecting their relationships. In this process, family members develop understanding and are guided through ways to resolve the conflicts.