Private Practice Services

A Personal Perspective

I became a counselor specializing in issues of wealth as a result of my own background. Like many of my clients, I was born into a world already cushioned with the success of my family's business. Growing up in this environment, I experienced firsthand the privileges and opportunities; and the isolation and confusing emotions often associated with wealth.

Through the years, I witnessed the damaging effects this environment had on some of my peers, I realized that my own experience was not unique. This led to my desire to help others who struggle with these issues.

In completing my second master's degree, I designed and conducted research studies that explored the psychological problems associated with wealth. This area of study, combined with my personal history, has enabled me to work effectively with men and women who experience wealth-related emotional conflicts.

I have been in private practice as a counselor and therapist since 1980. My work with clients centers on the psychological aspects of wealth. I do not provide financial or investment consultation. I can, however, provide referrals to qualified financial advisors.

If you have any questions about this area of professional services or wish to make an appointment, please contact me.