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Navigate the Challenges of Wealth

Contrary to popular belief, money does not buy happiness. Acclaimed author, educator and speaker, Thayer Willis, offers counsel, support and inspiration to individuals and families coping with the psychological challenges of wealth. 

Meet Thayer

Author / Speaker / Wealth Counselor

Thayer’s understanding of the complex issues stemming from financial abundance is personal. A child of wealth herself, she experienced the privilege and opportunities, as well as the isolation and confusion, often associated with wealth. Her own journey to purpose and fulfillment led to a desire to help others who struggle with similar issues.


A pioneer in the field of wealth counseling and a licensed, practicing psychotherapist, Thayer has been helping families around the world overcome emotional obstacles and live in harmony with wealth since 1990.


Areas of Expertise

Inherited Wealth

Earned Wealth

Family Friction Over Money

Wealth Counseling: Making peace with the resources in your life.

“Having spent years resolving her own conflicts with money, she now works as a therapist to the super-rich, helping them overcome isolation, guilt and a lack of self-esteem, among other obstacles.”

- The New York Times

“For those who inherit their wealth, life’s material pleasures are there for the taking, but happiness may have to be earned the hard way.”


“Thayer Cheatham Willis knows first-hand the challenges of growing up with wealth and addresses them daily in her occupation as a licensed counselor, with her own children and in her own life.”

- The Gathering

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