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Inspiring and actionable programs designed for individuals and families of affluence, financial professionals, family office advisors and estate planning attorneys.

A New Perspective on Wealth

Though inheritors are given many things, no one is given a meaningful life. For that we all must work.


Using her unique insider’s perspective and eloquent yet down-to-earth approach, Thayer offers keynotes, seminars, workshops and retreats on navigating the psychological challenges and common struggles inherent in the stewardship of financial wealth.


Topics may include creating communication skills and pathways; the psychology of wealth; or the pitfalls and opportunities of multigenerational wealth. All presentations can be tailored to your group or organization.

Intergenerational Wealth: Blessing or Curse?​

In her most requested presentation—Intergenerational Wealth: Blessing or Curse?— Thayer educates on the dynamics involved in successful wealth transfer and provides insights needed to avoid the risks faced by families of wealth. The program empowers family members to:

  • Understand the importance and psychology of intergenerational planning

  • Develop better communication skills

  • Make the commitment to cultivate the blessings of wealth, based on understanding how easily this can be neglected and how important it is to take charge of it

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