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Wealth Counseling

It’s possible to overcome emotional obstacles and enjoy wealth’s blessings. Counseling is an empowering avenue toward creating this reality.

What is Wealth Counseling?

In a society convinced that money guarantees happiness, it’s difficult for many to imagine having both wealth and problems. The truth is, struggle and adversity are part of the human experience, and the rich encounter their fair share of conflicts and stresses. In fact, wealth itself can create its own special set of challenges and, for many, money may be at the very root of their deepest pain and frustrations.


Wealth counseling is designed to help those whose mental, emotional or spiritual health is suffering as a result of financial riches navigate their way toward a meaningful, productive and truly rewarding life.


Every person has a vision of how they want to live their life, but turning that vision into reality requires hard work, focus and discipline. Thayer Willis provides instruction, inspiration and support that’s tailored to the unique circumstances of those who have inherited or amassed great wealth.

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Areas of Expertise

Inherited wealth

The handing down of family wealth is not only a complex financial issue, but often a challenging personal one for both heir and benefactor. Wealth counseling helps equip both parties for this transition.

Earned wealth

For some, wealth gained after many years of working toward a goal does not automatically deliver the happiness or satisfaction expected. Through examining priorities and aligning expectations with reality, these individuals can free themselves to enjoy what they have worked so hard to obtain. This may require a survey of non-financial assets and preparing for the next era of you.

Family friction over money

Money often becomes the impetus and arena for family discord. Counseling provides a space for family members to explore their differing attitudes about wealth, perceived injustices and the psychological issues that are affecting their relationships. Through this process, they develop deeper understanding and learn ways to resolve conflicts.

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